We are glad to welcome you in ISEWA global means of mass communication. ISEWA Business Solution Private Limited came into existence by the golden ideas as per the law of attraction. ISEWA creating innovative solutions, multi services & panacea opportunity for aspirants who want to leverage their skills for them & their nations. We are manifesting our transparent perfection, commitment and open communications. ISEWA key focus areas across its universe have always been utilisation of vogue technology to provide onetime online services. In order to achieve this goal, we constantly upgrade our technology & offerings.  Financial services are one of the most dynamic in the world. ISEWA Kendra, We appreciate this opportunity as we believe it brings out the best in us; helping us strive further to provide our valued services with innovative payment solutions. We are also to customize banking services for the unbanked population. Over 2 billion people are currently excluded from the financial system (the unbanked and under banked). ISEWA is to enable financial services to rural communities at very low cost, bringing the underserved into the modern financial system. Payments, cash deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, bill payments, loyalty schemes, fund transfers and remittances are natively supported. ISEWA aim is to provide suitable Business Solution and onetime helping to grow. Our motto is Inclusive Growth!

The journey of ISEWA Kendra would not be possible without the contribution of you and dedicated team who has shared our incredible journey thus far. We look forward to continuing to serve and engage with them in the future. One of our key focus areas across its universe has always been the utilization of the latest technology to provide the best user experience available. .

Thank you for taking the time to visit the www.onlineisewa.com  website and I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

As I was busy venturing out new adventures in life for many years of my life. Saw few of the most places on the earth, met equally nice different thread of customs, culture people with beautiful hearts and understood the fabric of beautiful each part of society woven with a and their own share of problems. I have seen the images and videos of great secret of life from past such as my Grand-father sacrifice for social interest even he left his family, friends, Ancestral property & all belonging.

For the many years, I was single handedly working to help needy people without any name. I hearty thanks to Mr. Kaushal Naresh Prasad Yadav who gave his precious time to me and kept me alive in all the pros and cons, until I happened to meet like- minded and kind hearted friends Rajesh Patel, Dareppa Bisanal, who are sincerely simple and modest. With their unconditional support, got onto the job of weaving a world around TO SERVE AND LET CHANGES for a better tomorrow, got the national level NGO registered on 02 September 2009 to give birth to iSEWA FOUNDATION committed to bring ideological, social, political and economic changes in the society. iSEWA as visible in its logo, works for all segment of the society, group connected with one equal concern for the better and developed tomorrow. Hence, to make the society full of humility and respect, we shall ever be guided by the core values and goals to bring tangible changes in the area of work; creating a benchmark to be achieved by us in subsequent years.